Transition Years take to the Air

Transition Years take to the Air

Not satisfied with just having their feet firmly planted on the ground, the transition year students of Elphin traveled to the gymnastics centre in Carrick on Shannon for a day of stretching, bouncing, rolling and falling!

Learning that one of their teachers is a gymnastics coach, the students decided to try out something completely different, and boy was it different.  They started with a 30 minute warm-up: running, jumping, stretching and groaning as they tried and tested unused muscles.  This was then followed by working on the air-track.  The air-track is a 20metre long bouncy castle, and students started working on their somersaults!  The morning session wound up with learning to walk on a 12cm wide beam, a metre off the ground.

After lunch, students did another warm-up and then took to the mini-trampolines, learning to jump and twist in synchronized groups.  The day finished off with work on the large trampoline, where students really had to work on their balance and core-stability.  They all visited the shop on the way home to buy an ice-cream: sure God love them, they’d worked so hard!  Needless to say, most of them were unable to move the day after; proving that it was definitely worthwhile.  The group will be doing gymnastics again in May and look forward to fun, excitement and the inevitable aches and pains the day after.

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