Transition Year 2013-14

The Transition Year (TY) is a one-year programme that forms the first year of a three-year senior cycle in many schools. It is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate programmes. It is available to all second level schools and currently approximately 75% of schools offer the programme.

Transition Year offers learners an opportunity to mature and develop without the pressure of an examination. It also provides an opportunity for learners to reflect on, and develop an appreciation of, the value of learning in preparing them for the ever-changing demands of the adult world of work, further and higher education and relationships.



Transition Year Students delighted after receiving their Leaving Cert Results.


TY students Bowling in Longford after receiving their results.

Our Experience Of Our First TY Trip!

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 Our First Trip as TY 2013-2014:)

 On our first trip we went to an adventure centre in Delphi,Co.Galway, in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception. On Monday 2nd September we set out on our journey of team building at a really early time(9:30). It took us two and a half hours to get there .. With everyone guessing where we were going as it was a surprise .. With a few occasional guesses of the Forest Park in Boyle or the bog!!

When we first arrived at Delphi, we were totally shocked(as well as tired) with how rural it was. There was beautiful areas in Delphi, including the mountains that we were welcomed with every time we went outside. A strange man came from the reception area named Mark .. He had a beard and he made fun of our accent as he was from the north. We brought our suitcases(a lot of them) into the reception area and Mark explained to us the ground rules and what we would be doing during our stay. We were spilt up into our rooms, with 5 girls in each  room and 4 boys in their rooms. We changed into our tracksuit and headed down to the reception again, as a bus was coming to pick us up and bring us to our first challenge.

Arriving with anticipation, we saw a pier, planks of wood and blue barrels. We didn’t know what to expect but we were excited! We were spilt into two teams and we were told that we had to build a raft with the planks of wood and blue barrels to row on the water, with every team member on board. So, we set off, with a few jibes thrown from team to team, building our raft. It took us a while to get the idea of it (not looking at the other team’s raft), but Mark and the other instructors helped us. Once we had the raft build, we decided to put on our wetsuits before our mothers gave out to us over our wet clothes!

So, with our wetsuits on and rivalry banter going on between the two teams, we were ready for anything! Into the water we went with our “home-made” raft and, of course, not forgetting our paddles. With our paddles in hand and everyone on board we were ready to race the other team. We were guessing to see how long to would take the rafts to sink like the Titanic, but it didn’t! So, there we were in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around apart from sheep, rowing with the paddles as hard as we could. Of course, we didn’t do very well, but we all had the best time working together building and rowing the raft. Just as we thought that our day was going to end, Mark and the instructors told us that we were going to pier jump! .. We were so excited and we couldn’t believe it! The pier was quite high, but we decided to do it anyways, as they say “YOLO!” .. Everyone jumped off, and we all had a blast.

With everyone soaked wet on the bus, we were talking about what we would do after and what had Mrs.Prendergast and Ms.McGovern had in store for us on our adventure trip filled with activities! We hopped off the bus with wet dripping from our legs and headed to our rooms to change. At 6:30 , we headed down to the dining room and lined up for dinner. The line was quite long, as there was other schools there and the boys were hungry(as usual!).

After dinner we changed again into another tracksuit and we went down to the entrance to the woods(scary!!). We were spilt into different groups again and we were given a map of the forest, pen and paper and whistle. We had to search for different numbered posts using the map that corresponded with the paper and pick out the red letter on the post. We were sent on a wild goose chase trying to find the posts, as they were so hard to find, but we enjoyed it regardless. The forest was massive but we didn’t get lost and we found our way back! After counting 19 of us all, we headed into the dining room and had tea and bread with jam.

Mrs.Prendergast and Ms.McGovern came into the dining room and told us that they were going to do activities with us. Again, we were spilt into teams. We did Quizzes, Paper Throwing, Weetabix, Straw and Talent Challenges. At 11:30, we went to our rooms to prepare for bed.

We were called at 8:00am .. Which was early! We were only given half on hour to get ready! .. At around 8:30, we dragged our bags from our room to the sports hall where we left our bags and lined up for breakfast. Mark brought us to the front of the reception area and we were AGAIN spilt up, as half of us did something different and then we would switch.

We headed into the forest again, but luckily it was the morning! We reached a sand area where Mark told us we could only hold a helium stick with our fingers and we had to bring it to the ground .. We all thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t! .. Unfortunately, we didn’t get another chance, as we had other challenges to do. We reached a human spider web that all of us had to get through without touching the rope. After a few attempts, we manger to work as a team and help and guide everyone through the spaces. Then, as our second last challenge, we had to get to the other side of the tress by using only three planks of wood and cement squares that were on the ground. We worked as a team, and by the end we were ready for the “Big One”.

The two teams switched leaders and another man named Mark brought us to “Jacob’s Ladder”. This was a ladder(obviously) consisting of massive(now, I mean MASSIVE!) planks of wood connected to one another by wire and all of that was leading up to a big massive one at the top that we had to touch. Some of us reached the top, but others didn’t, but, regardless, we were all cheering others on and being supportive.

We reached the sports hall and Mark gave us all a blind fold and told us to spread ourselves out. Once the blind folds we on, we had to do challenges like make a circle, the “t” shape, all of us in a straight line  and the “z” shape all blind folded!! It was a lot of fun, and Miss.McGovern and Mrs.Prendergast had a lot of fun taking pictures and videoing us walking around like zombies trying to look for people!!

After all that fun, we went to the dining room to have lunch. After that, we just hung around the grass area playing football and taking last minute pictures to show our mammies! At, about 2:30, the bus came for us and we headed back.

So, that’s it. It was an amazing trip and we had the best time, we all wanted to stay another night! We learned how to communicate better and work together better as a team.

By Emma McDermottroe and Rhiannon Weston.


Our first fundraiser as TY 2013:)

As you all know, there is a recession in this country, so money is something that is not as available as it was. So, we decided as our first fundraiser, we would make hot chocolate and get pastries and sell them to the students and the teachers.

At 9:50, we set up the tables around the the kitchenette to make a stand. We went to the Home Ec. Room and warmed up the ovens to heat the croissants for the teachers and got the kettles to bring to the kitchenette. We put water in the three of the kettles we had and got mugs from the presses and the marshmallows and chocolate powder into it.

At 10:00, we went around to the classrooms to remind them that we were making hot chocolate with pastries at break time, which was at 10:30.

At 10:20, we got the hot chocolate on the tables, ready for people to but them, along with the pain au chocolat. We got the croissants out of the ovens and Miss.McGovern brought them into the Staff Room for the teachers.

At 10:30, students came out of the classrooms and came down to buy hot chocolate and a pastry, which was €1.50. Nearly all of the hot chocolate and pastry was bought, with all of the teachers loving their croissants.

We cleaned the kitchenette and put back everything in the Home Ec. Room and made sure that the ovens were turned off.

We counted the money that was in the box, which was €50. This would go towards our TY fund, which was a big boost to raise more money.


Blue September – Men’s Cancer Fund Raiser

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As part of our TY fundraising, we decided to fundraise for men’s cancer charity-Blue September. You may have heard about it on the telly, where Dermot Whelan and Bernard O’Shea paint their face blue, and Dermot explains to Bernard about life, and that men who may have cancer are less likely to speak about it. Blue September supports men with cancer, and that it’s okay to speak about it.

We got the students to wear as much blue clothes as possible, and make a donation towards the charity. We also painted the students faces, which was a great success.

We were so surprised with the amount of people who wore blue, and some even wore blue onesis and dressed up as smurfs. Even some of the teachers wore blue! We gave out prizes for the best three people who wore blue.

We raised €130.00 for a very worthy cause, as raising money in a recession is not easy. We were very happy with the amount.





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