Spikeball Blitz a Success

The Transition Year Girls from Elphin Community College, pictured below, who are taking part in the Spikeballs ‘Women in Sport’ coaching course,  held there blitz on the 5th of April. This took place in Ballinagare community centre for the two national schools involved. There were 6 teams, each team played everyone. On the day, the winners were a team from Ballinagare N.S. The Abbeycarton team they played in the final put up a good fight, but unfortunately they couldn’t make up the points on the day. There was 2 other teams from Ballinagare N.S, and two other teams from Abbeycarton N.S . We would like to thank and congratulate all the kids for their participation.

Brónagh Weston.

The girls also organised a very enjoyable Blitz for first year boys and girls on Friday 8th April.


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