Student Council

  • The name of the body will be the “Elphin Community College, Student Council” It shall be known as “The Student Council”
  • To act as a representative body for all students in Elphin Community College.
  • To act as the recognised means of communication between students of Elphin Community College and any other official bodies of the school such as the Board of Management.
  • As per the Education Act (1998), to promote democracy in schools, and to afford students the opportunity to play an active role in every aspect of school life.
  • To bring Elphin Community College together as a community. This includes building up the school spirit and generating feelings of loyalty, pride, enthusiasm and security throughout the school.
  • To promote commitment and responsibility from all students.
Council Membership and Structure
  • Two students will be elected from each class in the school, one male and one female student, where possible. The term of office shall be one academic year. They shall be known as “class representatives”.
  • The Student Council will elect a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer from its membership from senior cycle students.
  • A Liaison teacher (Ms. O’Sullivan 2017/2018) shall attend all student council meetings.
Election of Class Representatives
  • Elections shall be facilitated by the liaison teacher.
  • Elections shall take place as early as possible in the academic year.
  • A student shall be nominated if they complete a nomination form signed by two students from their class, and give this to the liaison teacher before close of nominations.
  • Elections shall be operated under the single transferable vote system, and be counted by the liaison teacher.
  • If a class representative leaves their position, they shall be replaced by whoever finished in second place in the election.
  • The principal retains the right to veto any candidate at his/her discretion.

Council Positions
  • These positions are Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer and are chosen from Senior cycle Student Council Members.
  • Elections shall take place at the first student council meeting of the year.
  • Elections shall be operated under the single transferable vote system and be counted by the liaison teacher.
  • The Chairperson shall chair all council meetings in consultation with the Liaison teacher, direct the secretary about when to schedule meetings.
  • In the case of a split vote the elected Chairperson may exercise a second, casting vote.
  • The Secretary shall take the minutes of council meetings, take attendance at council meetings, give notice to members of council meetings and prepare an agenda for council meetings. The Secretary will write up the minutes of each meeting and provide a copy to the Liaison Teacher.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial matters relating to the Student Council. Any expenditure should be approved by the Student Council.
  • The Communications Officer shall keep students informed about council matters, keep noticeboard updated and promote good communications between the student council and students, teachers, school management and parents.

The Role of the Class Representative
  • Taking ideas, issues and suggestions from their class to meetings of the Student Council for discussion.
  • Attend Student Council meetings and reporting back to the class on matters discussed.
  • A class representative shall be deemed to have resigned if they fail to attend three consecutive meetings without sending apologies by email or in writing in advance of the meeting to the secretary.
Student Council Meetings
  • At least half of the voting council members must be in attendance for a meeting to take place and the Liaison teacher.
  • The Student Council will meet regularly.
  • The minutes of the last meeting will be presented at the beginning of the meeting and approved by the group.
  • Members must submit items for the agenda in advance of the meeting.
  • Decisions will be reached by agreement where possible or by vote where not possible.
  • The Principal, in consultation with the Liaison teacher, reserves the right to remove any member of the Student Council during the school year if the member’s lack of good discipline should warrant it.
  • The Principal and Board of Management also reserve the right to suspend the Student Council in the event of the Council pursuing a
    course of action deemed detrimental to Elphin Community College.
  • Under no circumstances may individual students or teachers be discussed at meetings. Issues of a disciplinary, academic or personal nature concerning any individual in the school are deemed to be strictly outside the scope of the Council.
  • No decisions regarding the management or running of the school may be made by the Student Council.
  • A report will be written by the Secretary and a copy given to the Liaison Teacher and a response awaited before a decision is implemented or acted upon.

Changes to the Constitution
  • This constitution may only be changed in consultation with all members of the Student Council and the liaison teacher. It must then be referred to the Principal for agreement.
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