Elphin CC win silver tickets in style yesterday – Here’s hoping we can turn silver into gold at BOI Junk Kouture 2018!

There was a wave of great excitement surrounding our school yesterday, as not only one, but both of our Junk Kouture entrants, qualified for regional finals of the competition, in the Helix, Dublin, on March 6th next.

Both silver tickets, are considered ‘priceless’, as they are very thin on the ground. In fact only six were issued within the Western Region of the competition – an area which extends from Mayo to Meath; nine counties in total. With several hundred entries to choose from, this was indeed a significant achievement. Our school was the only winner from County Roscommon and the first school ever to receive two silver tickets, for one individual school. As such, we are all extremely proud of and ‘over the moon’ with both Junk Kouture teams!

Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture, is a national competition for second level students. It challenges teenagers to create high-end wearable fashion, from everyday junk that would normally find its way into the bin and ultimately to landfill.  It aims to inspire and ignite passion in these teenagers, while at the same time subtly educating them, about the importance of recycling and reusing waste. Over the last eight years, Junk Kouture has established itself as the premier recycled fashion competition for teenagers throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.
At the presentation and professional photo shoot yesterday, the whole school looked on, as did both teams’ parents. They were also presented with professionally framed photographs by Tony Murphy,  Visionary Studio,  Boyle, Co. Roscommon – generously sponsored by Bank Of Ireland. Our thanks and appreciation go to them and all concerned in making both our Junk Kouture entries such a success, to date.

Having won the JK National Competition outright in 2015 with Luke Mc Evoy’s design –
‘LE PAON MAJESTUEUX!’, we appreciate all the more, the effort, endless hard work and creativity put in by our students. The competition has ever increasing numbers each year, with increasing standards clearly evident. Luke is now benefitting from the prestigious victory and scholarship to Limerick School of Art and design, where he is now studying fashion, textiles and knitwear in an honours degree programme.
The two dresses are called Banrion Connacht and Headspace. The first is inspired by our local area and rich cultural heritage, with the majestic site of Rathcroghan and associated myths and legend of Queen Medb, along with ‘the Tain’ and her burial site at Knocknarea. It also reflects nature and celebrates our rich Celtic history.  Queen Medb is instantly recognisable and admired, symbolising some of the most desired characteristics in humans; strength, nobility, immortality and independence. This in turn is what the dress represents, breathing new life into unloved materials, creating something fresh and individual that we can all be proud of.

Some recycled items incorporated into the design include: chicken wire, old hessian coffee sacks, electrical wiring, scrap metal, old leather, dried flowers, handmade paper and a sheep’s skeleton for the headpiece. The finished product is a truly unique creation, complete with similarly themed shoes and spear. It is hoped that it will be well received in Dublin, as indeed will our second dress, 

Headspace is inspired by the need for teenagers to acknowledge the importance of good mental health, in an increasingly pressurised world. The space themed headpiece, trousers and shoes reflect the endless opportunities that exist for young people in and outside this world. The importance of opening up your mind, to positively engage with challenges and opportunities in life, is seen in the brightly coloured overskirt, which spins around in an endless cycle; thus reflecting the limitless and infinite possibilities that exist for young people to share with positivity and fun.  Some recycled items used include: a bicycle wheel, old lampshade, chicken wire, stripped copper wiring, aluminium foil, scrap material and metal, cork, wax and bubble wrap/plastic.

Elphin C. C. would like to thank all those, particularly parents, who so generously supported the team in their endeavours. A special thanks to Patricia Corrigan from Padanee Bridal Couture in Carrick on Shannon who presented the Silver Tickets to both teams. Online voting for our teams on the Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture Facebook page will start next week. We are hoping to secure as many votes as possible to go further ion the competition. The votes are worth 10% of the judges marks. Tickets for the regional final can be purchased on Monday February 19th from Ticketmaster.  It is hoped that as many people as possible will travel to the Helix to endorse and encourage the teams that are comprised of: Emily Keane, Jack Murphy, Ellen Tiernan and Grace Kielty, Rachel Muldowney, Alan Costello.Art Teacher: Susan Prendergast

Alongside the principal and staff at Elphin C. C great appreciation must also go to Sarah and staff at the Dock who so generously gave the students uninhibited access to their beautiful building as a venue for the photo-shoot. We would also like to particularly thank Cathal O’Dowd and Kyra Wildy members of staff for all their help. Also Visionary Studios at Boyle and Tony Murphy for unlimited use of their facilities. Sponsored by Bank of Ireland the competition is a generous endorsement for the many hours, days, weeks and months put into the design and manufacture of these unique fashion pieces by students.  We are immensely proud of our students and their achievements. They are well worthy of any catwalk internationally or at home!

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