Headspace and Banríon Chonnacht featured on Daily Mail

Irish Daily Mail magazine today features an article on Junk Kouture competition includes pictures of both Headspace and Banríon Chonnacht.

So proud of all their amazing achievements since entering the competition at the start of the year and we can’t wait to see them in the Grand Final in the 3Arena this Thursday 19th April.


Banríon Chonnacht was created by Jack Murphy, Emily Keane and Ellen Tiernan and modeled by Emily Keane.It is inspired by our local area and rich cultural heritage, with the majestic site of Rathcroghan and associated myths and legend of Queen Maebh, along with ‘the Tain’ and her burial site at Knocknarea. It also reflects nature and celebrates our rich Celtic history.  Queen Maebh is instantly recognisable and admired, symbolising some of the most desired characteristics in humans; strength, nobility, immortality and independence. This in turn is what the dress represents, breathing new life into unloved materials, creating something fresh and individual that we can all be proud of.

Some recycled items incorporated into the design include: chicken wire, old hessian coffee sacks, electrical wiring, scrap metal, old leather, dried flowers, handmade paper and a sheep’s skeleton for the headpiece. The finished product is a truly unique creation, complete with similarly themed shoes and spear.

Headspace was created by Alan Costello, Rachel Muldowney and Grace Kielty and modeled by Grace Kielty.
It is inspired by the need for teenagers to acknowledge the importance of good mental health, in an increasingly pressurised world. The space themed headpiece, trousers and shoes reflect the endless opportunities that exist for young people in and outside this world. The importance of opening up your mind, to positively engage with challenges and opportunities in life, is seen in the brightly coloured overskirt, which spins around in an endless cycle; thus reflecting the limitless and infinite possibilities that exist for young people to share with positivity and fun.  Some recycled items used include: a bicycle wheel, old lampshade, chicken wire, stripped copper wiring, aluminium foil, scrap material and metal, cork, wax and bubble wrap/plastic.
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