Elphin Debate Team Reach Last Eight

The Elphin Debate team reached the last eight schools in this years Concern Debating Competition. In a terrific victory the Elphin team of Finbar McDermott, Mark Brennan, Gerard McDermottroe and Hazel Conroy defeated Scoil Mhuire from Longford on a majority decision.  The motion for the debate was “CHINA IS GOOD FOR AFRICA”. Both teams must be commended for their efforts.

The Concern Debates is Concern Worldwide’s flagship schools activity. It gives students the opportunity to research and debate issues that affect those living in the developing world.

By taking part, students learn the valuable skills of research and debating. The Concern Debates have been running since 1984. Throughout the competition’s history, over 45,000 students have engaged in the debates. Around 130 schools participate annually.

The team now await the draw for the next round and the debate motion.

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