Through active exploration and study of citizenship at all levels (personal, local, national, global) in the context of contemporary social and political issues, this course aims to

  • make students aware of the civic, social and political dimensions of their lives and the importance of active, participative citizens to the life of the state and all people
  • encourage and develop the practical skills which enable students to engage in active participatory social interaction, and to adopt responsible roles as individuals, family members, citizens, workers, consumers, and members of various communities within a democratic society
  • develop the autonomous potential of students as socially literate, independent and self-confident young people
  • encourage students to apply positive attitudes, imagination and empathy in learning about, and encountering, other people and cultures
  • enable students to develop their critical thinking skills in agreement with a system of values based in human rights and responsibilities
  • develop knowledge and understanding of processes taking place at all levels of society which lead to social, political and economic decision-making.

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