iPad Information for Parents

This will be the 11th year of the iPad Initiative in Elphin Community College and we are providing the information and clarification on this programme below.

We would ask you to read this carefully and if you have any questions please email the school at info.elphin@gretb.ie

Where can I purchase an iPad?
  • The iPad with retina display can be purchased in several outlets.
  • Select in Galway are an Apple reseller who we have dealt with in the past and sell at a discounted price.
  • Order from Select Tech Group by Friday 11th August 2023
    Please go to ecs.selectonline.com
    iPads will be delivered direct to Elphin Community College for collection

  • Dealing with an Apple Reseller allows the device to be connected to the School MDM an to push out various apps from the school MDM
Compulsory Items iPad

Apple iPad 10.2″ Wi-Fi 64GB – €420


Apple iPad 10.2″ Wi-Fi 256GB – €600

iPad Protective Case – We insist that a strong protective case for the iPad be used:

STM Dux Plus Duo – €40 – Other options also available.


ZAGG Rugged Keyboard with Case – €99

MDM Configuration and Setup – Compulsory

  • Setup and Configuration of iPad, put iPads into Shield extreme case. Setup the Moysle Mobile Device Management system – includes remote and on-site support of the iPads from 2023 – 2029 academic years – €32 from school supplier.
  • If iPad not purchased from school supplier a fee of €50 applicable to provide for configuration and install of Mobile Device Management system.
    If the iPad has not been purchased from Select in Galway it needs to be enrolled on the schools MDM (Mobile Device Management system)
  • To push out various apps from the school MDM
  • Email accounts are currently being created for each student by the GRETB and this will also be used by students to access Microsoft 365.

Optional Extras

Apple Pencil – €99
MaxCases Stylus pen with superfine nib active capacitive – €36

AppleCare+ is an insurance product that provides up to 2, 3 or 4 years of expert technical support and hardware coverage for iPad, including up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to an excess fee of €49 for iPad.

3 year option – €99 4 year option – €139
Select – Contact Details: Phone: +353 (0)91 75 52 22

iPad Initiative 2023

Teaching and Learning is currently going through a major transition phase worldwide where technology is playing a key role in the everyday lives of students and teachers. Ireland is no exception to this transition and here in Elphin Community College we want to ensure we give our students and teachers the opportunity to stay up to date with modern educational teaching and learning styles.

The iPad is quickly proving to be a highly beneficial educational tool. The iPad serves as a powerful research tool, providing access to a world of information via the Internet. The combination of the iPad, interactive whiteboard, the LCD projector, Airserver, provides an integrated, 21st-century suite of instructional tools delivering high-quality video, sound recording and photographic capabilities, thus promoting engaging instruction, differentiated for the needs of each learner. In addition, as textbooks are evolving from the printed page to the digital screen, the iPad provides students more content in their digital textbooks than hard copies do.

In addition to utilising the iPad as a tool to help students master curriculum content, we also see it as instrumental in teaching our students how to navigate the digital world safely. Our students must learn how to create and maintain an appropriate digital identity; understand and evaluate the quality of information they obtain digitally; and communicate successfully and responsibly in a technology-driven world.

Selection of our achievements and vision for ICT
To date:
  • Consistently integrating and keeping up with ICT educational practices
  • The current 1st years have fully integrated the use of ebooks, cloud storage and the various educational apps used in the school day.
  • Students are embracing the new technology through presentations, emailing work to teachers, researching material online etc.
  • We have massively reduced paper waste by the use of email and our online homework journal (showmyhomework) where resources can be attached. Student homework is also placed on this platform and notifications are available for both student and parent / guardian of the student.
  • Students are actively using Microsoft 365 in the classroom, (Powerpoint, Word, OneNote, Teams etc.
Moving forward:
  • Continuously Improve Teaching and Learning practices.
  • With the aid of technology to instill life-long learning skills in our students –self-directed and independent.
  • Harnessing technology, students will realise the importance to take responsibility for their learning.
  • Using the power of ICT to deliver a more dynamic curriculum in all subjects.
  • Departments are creating their own digital content through OneNote / Teams and other educational apps with student input.
Some common questions
Are copy books gone and will writing skills be reduced?
  • Certainly not. Students still have to sit the same Junior Cycle exam so the same writing and reading skills are being enforced in class
What are we doing about Cyber bullying?
  • We are very conscious of this topic and only last year each junior year group received a talk on Cyber Bullying. The staff, the parents committee and school management are all working year round to best control this issue
If we have an iPad already can we use it?

The current mobile devices acceptable for use under this initiative must have minimum specifications as follows:

Device Type: iPad 2018/19
Display: 9.7‑inch (diagonal)
Capacity: 32GB minimum, 128GB recommended
Network Connection: Wi-Fi enabled without cellular connection. (without 3G)
We also insist that a strong protective case for the iPad be used:

Providing a safe and monitored environment is important to us and allowing 3G devices to work outside of our network is something we do not allow. If you intend using your own iPad you must let us know and also agree to install our MDM (mobile device management) software which allows us to monitor your iPad in school.
Do we require insurance and where should we get it?
Yes, you certainly require insurance. Insurance is now offered through Gadget Insurance but we do encourage families to investigate their own house and home insurance as many now cover devices such as iPads inside and outside of homes. Please check out the excess and also inquire about what is or is not fixed under your policy.

The school does not accept responsibility for damaged iPads.

This initiative is not just a not just a substitute for heavy textbooks. It will enhance the learning environment at school and at home and transform the way in which students learn.

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