1st Year Spikeball Bitz

TY students from Elphin Community College held their 1st year SpikeBall Blitz on Tuesday, the 15th of May 2018 as part of the TY Spike ball coaching course which is run by Volleyball Ireland. The TY students have been coaching the 1st years for the past six weeks. This day was an oppurtunity to show how much all students had improved over the last few weeks.

The blitz started at 10 am with the first four teams taking to the courts. There were 19 10-minute games in total. By 11 am, it was clear to see that everyone was enjoying themselves. Tension was also rising with each team hoping to make it to the Final. The two semi Final matches were held at 12 o’clock. Teams A, C, E and F had reached the semi Final. Team F had won their match with 15 points to 13 against team A, where team C won their game with 17 points to 14 against Team E. The atmosphere during the final match against teams C and F was tense, but very enjoyable.  These two teams had played each other earlier in the day, with a two point difference in the final score, which guaranteed that the final match was going to be a tight game. Team C won the final with 17 points to 16.

A huge well done to all students who participated on the day. Jessie Carmody from Volleyball Ireland was present at the blitz. She commented on how successful the day had gone and how well the 1st year and TY students had progressed. She also thanked Mr Noone for running the course. The TY students would also like to thank Glancy’s for donating the refreshements at the end of the day, which helped reward everyone for their participation.

Prizes were also presented by TY students to the players who they felt were the best team player, most improved and most co-operative.

TY Spike ball students that were involved were as follows

Mark Barron, Emily Keane, Ellen Tiernan, Paul Molloy, Lucy Fallon, Kelly Ames, Morgan Kearns, Alanagh Loftus, Jack Murphy, Kieran Beirne, Daniel Toop, Amina Traboue and Shauna Traynor